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Aircraft rental near me

In a world of virtual thrills, flying is still the original authentic adventure. Learn to fly with the award winning team at Latitude Aviation.

Teaching people to fly is our passion, and what we do best. Our flexible online scheduling tool helps you take control of your training schedule, allowing you to fit it in with your busy schedule. Our full-time staff flight instructors have one job - teaching you to fly. Now is the time to get started on your Private Pilot Groundschool.

Especially when you can take the course online.

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First, we all know that classroom-based instruction improves knowledge retention and accountability. Rather than super-slick video productions Latitude Aviation offers the very same lectures taught in our twice a year live classroom ground school.

You will also have weekly practice quizzes and when combined with the Gleim online testing platform Latitude's instructors can endorse you to take the FAA knowledge test. Combine each week's ground school lecture with your weekly inflight lessons by discussing the ground school subjects with your flight instructor.

Then reinforce your training by incorporating ground school concepts in the air.

Aircraft Rental

Latitude Aviation is the only full-time, full service flight school located at the Coeur d'Alene Airport, Hayden, Idaho. Latitude offers multiple staff instructors who can work with you to develop a training system that matches your learning style and schedule.

Our instructors don't have a 2nd job - we do this for a living, meaning you are getting the best experience and passion available from your flight training partner. Our rental aircraft and instruction capabilities can fulfill the training needs of any pilot. From the venerable Cessna Skyhawk to the light-sport-qualified and fun! Champ, you will find our fleet is well maintained and in regular use. If your goals include climbing the ratings ladder, we have the right equipment for you.

To rent you must have at least an airplane single engine land certificate, current medical except Champand be current in ASEL. Before rental is allowed, a checkout by one of our instructors is necessary. Make flying fun again with a tailwheel endorsement. With well over a backcountry airstrips, you can't go wrong flying conventional gear here in the Northwest. Latitude Aviation is one of the only schools in the area that offers tailwheel equipped rental aircraft and expert instruction.

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Don't have your pilots license yet? No problem. We are the only flight school in 4 counties - including Washington - that offers primary training in tailwheel airplanes. Get your initial training in a tailwheel and you'll earn both your private pilot license and a tailwheel endorsement at the same time.

Learning in a tailwheel will make you a better pilot in any type of airplane you decide to fly later. Plus, a tailwheel endorsement will make you more employable if a flying career is your goal. This is a beautiful example of why the Skyhawk was the best-selling single model of aircraft of all time.

Easy to fly, smooth and quiet, and reasonably fast all describe our Big and brawny, our tailwheel-converted, hp Lycoming-engined Cessna might as well be a mini Cessna — without the big fuel burn. It can go reasonably fast, but it really likes to go slow.Classic Aviation is proud to offer a diverse fleet of rental aircraft for our customers training, travel, and recreational flying needs.

We know you will find that our well-maintained aircraft are the finest of their type available. If your goals include climbing the ratings ladder, we have the right equipment for you. Each aircraft is equipped with a four-place intercom and two headsets. You really have to see these airplanes to appreciate them. To top everything off, we have experienced instructors to help get you started. Pella is a great place to fly, so come and visit us soon.

To rent you must have at least an airplane single engine land certificate, current medical, and be current in ASEL. Before rental is allowed, a checkout by one of the instructors is necessary. Our Cessna is available for instruction and rental.

The Skyhawks are renowned for their docile handling characteristics. Countless pilots have begun their training with the C The is versatile aircraft for primary and instrument training as well as local fun flying and cross country travel. Prefer a low wing primary or instrument trainer?

The hp Warrior is the best in its class. N is perfect for primary and instrument training as well as local and cross-country rental. Enjoy a taste of the past in our J3 Cub. A trip to a nearby grass strip with a Classic Aviation instructor in our J3 is one of the most unique flight training offerings in the Midwest.

aircraft rental near me

This taildragger will bring back old memories and may create some new ones. If the Cub is a tight fit for you, the Citabria might be your choice for your tailwheel endorsement. Looking to become a safer pilot in any airplane? The SR20 GTS offers the latest in performance, safety and comfort whether you are flying for business or pleasure. This composite body, high performance machine can take you to your next client or vacation destination with style and ease.

Classic Aviation, Inc. The airport super Moon sighting last night! Who else saw it? See More See Less. Aircraft Rental Classic Aviation is proud to offer a diverse fleet of rental aircraft for our customers training, travel, and recreational flying needs.

Rental rates subject to change.

aircraft rental near me

Recent Posts. Celebrating 20 years in Check out this video about our 20th year. We are so thankful for our amazing customers and look forward to serving them in the future. Facebook Posts Classic Aviation, Inc.Aircraft rental is subject to availability. Westwind requires a standard checkout to ensure the safety of both you and your passengers.

These standards help to ensure that you will feel comfortable and confident with the equipment and the environment in which you will be flying. Please try to schedule at least days in advance to ensure flight instructor and aircraft availability. Checkouts can be scheduled with shorter notice if the aircraft and instructor are available. Once you have your aircraft checkout scheduled, please take a look at our Rental Policies and Procedures and our Aircraft Written Test.

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These are the documents that you will need to fill out and bring with you to your meeting with the instructor. Westwind School of Aeronautics requires that all renters have a third class medical or higher. We are not currently accepting basic med qualifications for renters at this time. Piper Arrow, Piper Seminole, and Simulators are not available for rental to the public.

Cessna SP Standard Cockpit Cessna R Glass Cockpit G Piper Seminole Standard Cockpit Flight Instructor - Standard Flight Instructor - Advanced Rates may be subject to a fuel surcharge in the event of increased fuel prices. Aircraft Rentals.Our modern aircraft training and rental fleet is carefully maintained to the highest standards of excellence. This Cirrus SR20 is one of the most advanced aircraft available for rental anywhere in the Midwest.

Our modern fleet of six 6 identical Cessna Skyhawks are meticulously maintained to the highest standards of excellence. This Piper Seminole is easily the nicest multi-engine aircraft available in the region! Train quicker and learn more efficiently, saving you money and time.

Airplane Rentals Near Me in Shungnak, AK

The Cirrus G6 is one of the most innovative, capable and feature-rich single engine piston aircraft available. We spend more money on maintenance than most other flight schools in the area.

View Aircraft. View Fleet. View Simulator.


View our Cirrus SR20 G6 rental. Create a personalized plan for your pilot career. Our Pilot Academy in Lincoln, NE provides a superior learning environment that will help you achieve your goals. Learn more about the different pilot career opportunities and receive guidance to help you set goals and navigate each step of your professional flight training. Complete the form below to get started! Become a skilled pilot. Excel as a leader. Learn More. Request more information. Start a conversation.

EMAIL: fly flyperformance.Are you interested in piloting your own plane? We offer training for all levels, from private pilot to flight instructor. Learning to fly will enrich your life in countless ways. It is a thrilling, challenging adventure. Financing is available, as well as training for foreign students.

The training you will receive at Airplane Rental Ventures is flexible, comprehensive, and efficient. We have developed a highly successful training atmosphere where both instructors and staff are dedicated to your dream of becoming a pilot. Our aircraft are available to rent from our Falcon Field location. There is a short checkout required to familiarize the pilot with the aircraft, airport, and surrounding area.

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Then you will be ready to fly your family, friends, or business colleagues on the adventure of your choosing! Several options are available including Downtown Phoenix and the Superstition Mountains.

Custom flights are also available. Airplane Rental Ventures. Home Training Rental Tours Team. Airplane Rental Ventures is devoted to developing and assisting General Aviation pilots with highly individualized service. Contact Us. Takeoff in cessna from falcon field, mesa, AZ. Sedona Arizona from Cessna Landing Cessna at falcon field, mesda, az. Falcon Drive, Mesa, Arizona airplanerental yahoo.Instructor Log-In.

Prepayment account funds must be used within days from date of deposit. Unused funds will be forfeited. Apply Now. A checkout is required for each model of aircraft to be rented solo. Sawyer Aviation graduates who have received a rating at Sawyer Aviation, within the preceding months in the same model of aircraft to be rented, automatically meet the checkout requirements for C aircraft.

A minimum of three-flight hours are required for a checkout in G equipped aircraft. This policy is reverse compatible for the analog equivalent of the same model of aircraft e. Contact Sawyer Aviation for current base-rate.

No problem at Sawyer Aviation. Sawyer allows you to take the aircraft overnight, for a weekend or for a long cross-country adventure. There is simply a three-hour average-daily minimum per hr period. Early morning rental available by prior arrangement, call to schedule.

Email address:.

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Please Select Trainnig Charter. Employee Log-In. Awesome experience! Aircraft Rentals. For more information contact Sawyer Aviation at option 3. Contact Us. When you absolutely, positively have to be there overnight.

aircraft rental near me

Stay in Touch. You can….Mid Island Air Service, Inc. We are one of the few Fixed Based Operators on Long Island that offer the ability to rent aircraft to the public and without having to purchase a separate renter policy.

We have built this into our pricing. As a pilot, you may wish to check if are there any restrictions on your life insurance policy.

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Launched inthe Frequent Flyer Program gives you special discounts off the aircraft. To reduce your rental rates, consider joining our Frequent Flyer Program, ask our Customer Service Representatives how.


In the interest of safety, which is our main concern, we have instituted an Annual Flight Review. As part of the initial checkout, your CFI will help you make the proper limitation choices for your flight experience level. We also require that you complete a Weight and Balance prior to every flight that you have. Sport Flying. Online Flight Scheduling.

Mission Statement: "We steadily improve our processes and procedures in order to make our customers ecstatically happy while maintaining the dignity of our entire family of employees".

Safety and Risk Management In the interest of safety, which is our main concern, we have instituted an Annual Flight Review.

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